Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Decatur - Badder Than Brooklyn

1. Internal War
2. Into The Night
3. Vegas Girl
4. Worst Enemy
5. Badder Than Brooklyn
6. Bottled Inside
7. Tear You
8. Abaddon
9. Shatterproof
10. Internal War Pt. II

Decatur have released their debut album titled "Badder Than Brooklyn." This album has a very metal feel to it. If you are into the older metal bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, or even a Fear Factory, so if you like those artists, you could like this album. The album was recorded in New York by Gorjira's Joe Duplantier, so you may want to check it out if you like Gorjira as well. Not a bad album honestly. When looking at the recording quality of this album, the album has been recorded quite well and has a very stereotypical metal sound to it. This bands instrumentation is quite good on this album, the band has certainly decided to do fast guitars with solos on it which raise eyebrows. These guys can certainly play. Now onto the vocals and lyrics, the vocals are an essential part of every album, and on Decatur's new album, they a great mix of Fear Factory like singing and metal screams that actually are done pretty clear so you can get all the lyrics. Their singer can certainly sing and he gives the album a solid notch to it. With the lyrics, the band has decided to give you messages that sometimes are just what you would expect of a metal band, girls and having fun living the rock star life. They also have songs about not seeing eye to eye on things and being tough. Now we really think this band could use some work on the lyrics, getting more flowing lyrics and using different vocabulary to just build the song up more. Not a bad effort for a debut though. If you are looking for a single to this album, there isn't one, so just pick a song and give it a listen to get the feel of the album. Decatur have made a debut album that really does rock but shows that there are some things to work on. Hopefully stretching words out to make the songs longer is a trick that they don't use on the next album. All in all, not bad for a debut. We hope to see what they can do with a little more time under their belt. Listen to this album to decide for yourself what you think of it.

Genre: Metal/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Release Date: October 6th, 2017
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Website: http://decaturmetal.com/
Label: None

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